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Specialty Gas Detectors by Honeywell Analytics / Vulcain

We offer the full line of Specialty Gas Detection Devices from Honeywell Analytics / Vulcain. Because of the sheer volume of products in which that encompasses, if you cannot find the part you are looking for, feel free to contact us here.

E3Point Honeywell Analytics Toxic/Combustible gas Monitor Vulcain 301W Wirless Gas Monitor Vulcain 301C Gas Detection Controller
E3Point Toxic/Combustible Gas Monitor 301W Wireless Gas Monitor 301C Gas Detection Controller
Vulcain IAQPoint Vulcain 301EM Expansion Module SQN8x Honeywell Analytics Centralized Gas Detection System
IAQPoint 301EM Expansion Module SQN8x Centralized Gas Detection System
ToxyPoint by Honeywell Analytics provides continuous monitoring for Carbon Monoxide in ambient air Manning EC-F9-NH3 by Honeywell Analytics Manning AirScan iR by Honeywell Analytics
ToxyPoint Continuous CO Monitor For Ambient Air Manning EC-F9-NH3 Manning AirScan™ iR
Honeywell Analytics SensePoint XCD Vulcain 90DM4 Infrared CO2 Gas Monitor  
Sensepoint XCD 90DM4 Infrared CO2 Gas Monitor  

Legacy Honeywell Analytics / Vulcain Products:

Click here for a cross-over guide from the legacy Vulcain parts to the new Honeywell Analytics E3Point series. (Contact us with any questions)

Vulcain 201T Toxic & Combustible Gas Transmitter Vulcain 201M Stand-Alone Gas Monitor Vulcain GasPoint II
201T Toxic & Combustible Gas Transmitter 201M Stand-Alone Gas Monitor GasPoint II Transmitter
Vulcain IAQProbe Vulcain 301M Stand-Alone Gas Monitor
IAQProbe 301M Stand-Alone Gas Monitor  
Please note, certain items are built to order, adding 5-10 days to your lead-time regardless of shipping method.

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